Partial Church Reopening

Our partial reopening has gone very well so far. We have stayed in compliance with our updated Archdiocese directive and State of Texas guidelines. Everyone has taken this seriously and we should all be very pleased with the progress we have made as we continue to phase in the reopening of our Church for in-person community worship.

Moving forward, we will continue to offer Divine Liturgy each Wednesday morning at 9:00am. Weekend Divine Services will continue as usual. We will also continue to celebrate all major feast days, and some lesser feast days, as usual. Please reference the list below for information about our current Archdiocese directive.

-We received an updated Archdiocese directive which allows us to slightly increase our in-person attendance. However, in order to follow social distancing guidelines we will allow no more than 55-60 laity in the Church sanctuary during each service.
-Everyone is being asked to sit 6 feet apart, unless they live in the same household.
-Everyone is being asked to wear a face mask during our services, taking it off briefly when they receive Holy Communion.
-If you have any flu like symptoms we ask that you not attend in-person services.
-Choirs are not allowed at this time. Only 2 chanters will chant each service. Each chanter must sing from opposite sides of the solea.
-No altar boys can serve in the altar, only 1 altar server.
-Only two members of the clergy, priest & deacon, can serve in the altar.
-No Coffee Hour or in-person Sunday School will take place until further notice.
-Please make sure to maintain good hygiene and wash or sanitize your hands often.
-The altar server will distribute the Antidoron, bread we receive after Communion, and must wear a latex glove.
-No collection basket will be passed. Instead we will have a collection box (donation station) located in the back of the Nave.
-Given that we have more than 55-60 people in our parish. We will serve weekday Divine Liturgy each Wednesday morning at 9:00am. If you have the option to attend weekday Divine Liturgy please do so, that way we aren’t overwhelmed on Sunday mornings.
-All weekend services are still being offered on Facebook Live for streaming.
-If you feel that you are more vulnerable to COVID-19 because of health concerns, we ask that you continue to live stream our services on Facebook Live from your home.
-Appointment can be made with the priest for Confession and Communion during office hours.