All Weekend Services (11/21-22) Cancelled

Beloved St. Ephraim Parishioners,

Our priest, Fr. Mark, was exposed to COVID-19 at a wedding he served this past Saturday. As the officiant of the wedding, he was near the wedding party during the service. One of the wedding party members has since tested positive for COVID-19. 

Fr. Mark has been tested for COVID-19 since being exposed.  However, he won’t be cleared medically until the results of the test come back from the lab.

Our Church leadership thinks it’s best to cancel all Divine Services this weekend (11/21-22) out of an abundance of caution. Thus, not putting any of our beloved parishioners at risk.

Fr. Mark is feeling fine. He doesn’t have any COVID-19 symptoms. Thank God! We all look forward to returning to Church next week. God willing Fr. Mark will be cleared to return once his test results come back.

Glory to God for all things!