Please join us for the feast of Pentecost on Sunday May 27, 2018. The kneeling prayers for Pentecost will be said at the conclusion of Divine Liturgy. To learn more about the feast of Pentecost please click on the Icon below.   

Sunday School Pool Party

Dear Parents!! Sunday School has come to an end for the 2017-2018 school year. We can speak for all the teachers when we say it has been a joy to work with all of our wonderful youth! To celebrate the closing out of this year, we will have a pool party at a neighborhood pool. Here’s […]


Our parish is in need of a new Playscape for our children. Given the use it gets we need to buy a commercial set, which makes the cost increase significantly. We have already raised 75% of the total cost. If you are able to make additional donations to help us reach our fundraising goal for the […]

Texas Folk Life Festival

St. Ephraim’s will have a food & beverage booth at this year’s Texas Folk Life Festival from June 8th-10th. Any funds raised from participating in this event will go towards our building fund. Further, this event will provide good exposure for our Church to the broader San Antonio community. This is a parish wide initiative, and […]

Parish Life Conference

The 2018 Parish Life Conference (PLC) will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico from June 13th-16th.  Please click on the image below for online information about the 2018 PLC. 

Stained Glass Iconography

We are in the process of installing stained glass Iconography in our Church sanctuary. St. Ignatius of Antioch was installed on his feast day, December 20th, of this past year. St. Patrick of Ireland was installed on his feast day March 17th, of this year (image below). Currently the artisan working on these beautiful works […]

2018 Commitment Card

To access our 2018 Commitment Card please click on the image below. For your convenience you can print a copy of this form at the link provided. If you have not already done so, we ask that after prayer and discernment that you fill out and return your 2018 Commitment Card as soon as possible. […]

Strategic Plan

Our beloved Parish Council Members have come up with our new Strategic Plan for the next five years (2018-2023). To access the electronic version of this plan please click on the image below.   

Weekly Digest

Given that we have a large communication need in our parish, we will begin a weekly email called the “Weekly Digest”. This will be separate from our monthly E-Newsletter (E-Harp). This email, weekly digest, will contain information that parishioners want to communicate with the parish. For example, SEWS could be reminding people about a bake […]

Antiochian Orthodox Rewards Program

The Archdiocese Board with the support of the Bishops and endorsement from Metropolitan Joseph are extremely excited to announce the Antiochian Orthodox Rewards Program. This is an online shopping rewards program connecting individuals and their businesses to their favorite retailers. It also provides the ability to order gift cards from a large selection through the […]