As we celebrate the feast of the Annunciation, the announcement by the archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that the Christ child is to be born. We should all have much hope. Perhaps just about all of us are wondering when we will get the announcement that our lives will go back to normal? Especially […]

Virtual Sunday School

Beginning this Sunday, we’re offering Virtual Sunday School at Tending the Garden of our Hearts! They are expanding their weekly podcast into a full host of activities and ideas for families, so that Sundays feel like Sundays. After you attend online liturgy, drop in at to get your family talking and learning together. You can also […]

Stream our Worship Services on Facebook Live

Even though we are unable to attend Church, in person, at this time. You can view our worship services on Facebook Live. Please join us on Facebook Live to stream our Liturgical services. The link to our Facebook page is attached HERE and by clicking on the image below. You can also search for our page on […]

Purchase offer on Church

An offer has been made on our Church located at 3101 Vance Jackson Rd. We accepted this offer and should be under contract by March 20, 2020. We will have 60-90 days to close after March 20th. This offer is for the Church building and parking lot only. The parish house will be sold separately. […]

Food for the Vulnerable & Needy

We have food items available for parishioners who may be in need. I know that we are fasting, but these are unprecedented times. Most of the Lenten food items at the grocery store are in short supply. For our older and more vulnerable parishioners this is particularly a hard time. That being said, this Lent […]

Divine Services Postponed at this Time

We received a directive from the Archdiocese, attached below, pertaining to the COVID-19 virus. Starting March 17, 2020 all non-liturgical in person activities and gatherings at the Church will be put on hold. This includes Parish Council Meetings, Sunday School, Coffee Hour, Bible Study and Fellowship Breakfast. Following CDC recommendations, no gatherings of 10 or […]

2020 Lenten Schedule & Holy Week

For a copy of our 2020 Lenten & Holy Week schedule please click on the image below. This year on Monday evenings we will serve Great Compline at 4:00pm. This is being done in order to hopefully encourage more youth participation in our weekday Lenten services. Ideally, parents could bring their children to Great Compline […]

Summer Camp

Summer camp registration is now open. We have 10 accredited and recognized camping programs within the Archdiocese, which are listed below. The Order of St. Ignatius has camping scholarships available. Scholarships will be given on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested please get in touch with Fr. Mark. The deadline is […]

2020 Commitment Card

Our Stewardship Drive for 2020 has begun. As many of you know this year we have the challenge, and blessing, of not only maintaining our ministry but also building a new Church sanctuary. After prayer and discernment we ask that all the members of our St. Ephraim family fill out and turn in a 2020 Commitment Card. […]

Stained Glass Iconography

Dr. Wolf is continuing his work to beautify our new Church sanctuary with stained glass iconography. His latest work is the prophet St. Elias (image below). If you are interested in sponsoring some of his work please get in touch with Dr. Wolf or Fr. Mark.