Nativity Play

Our Sunday School Nativity Play will be held on Sunday December 22, 2019 following Divine Liturgy. If you are interested in having your child involved in the Nativity Play please see our Sunday School Coordinator Travis Nedrich. 

December 2019 E-Newsletter

To access our December 2019 E-Newsletter please click on the E-Harp image below. 

Annual Christmas Dinner

Our Annual Christmas Dinner/Party will be held on Wednesday December 18, 2019 starting at 6:00pm. The dinner will be held at our new parish property (5600 Vance Jackson Rd). There is no fee for this dinner and all St. Ephraim parishioners are welcome to attend. There will be an RVSP sign up sheet in the […]

Nativity Fast

The Nativity Fast began on November 15th, and lasts until we celebrate the Nativity of Christ (Christmas) on December 25th. Each Wednesday night during the Nativity Fast we will serve Advent Paraklesis at 6:00pm at the new parish property (5600 Vance Jackson Rd). For more information about the Nativity Fast please click on the image […]

2020 Commitment Card

Our Stewardship Drive for 2020 has begun. As many of you know this year we have the challenge, and blessing, of not only maintaining our ministry but also building a new Church sanctuary. After prayer and discernment we ask that all the members of our St. Ephraim family fill out and turn in a 2020 Commitment Card. […]

Bible Study

Bible Study will be held each Wednesday night, meeting at the new parish property (5600 Vance Jackson Rd) at 7:00pm. We will also serve Advent Paraklesis each Wednesday night before Bible Study at 6:00pm, also at the new parish property. Please feel free to join us and bring your Bible.

Stained Glass Iconography

Dr. Wolf is continuing his work to beautify our new Church sanctuary with stained glass iconography. His latest work is the prophet St. Elias (image below). If you are interested in sponsoring some of his work please get in touch with Dr. Wolf or Fr. Mark.    

St. Brigid Community School

The St. Brigid Community School, the first Orthodox Christian based School in San Antonio, will resume in September of 2019. For more information please reference the flyer below. Martha Cheney is the Director of the School and she can be reached at  They will be meeting at their new location, near the new parish property, […]

Sunday School

Sunday School will resume in September. Many thanks and blessings to all our Sunday School teachers who have another exciting year of Christian education planned for our children. We need more volunteers to sign up as Sunday School teachers. If you are interested please get in touch with our Sunday School coordinator, Mr. Travis Nedrich. 

Orthodox Aggies

We are in the process of expanding our college ministry at Texas A&M. And are looking to get in touch with alumni who belong to our parish. Please reference the flyer below for more info and get in touch with Fr. Mark if you are interested in being involved.