Weekly Digest

Given that we have a large communication need in our parish, we will begin a weekly email called the “Weekly Digest”. This will be separate from our monthly E-Newsletter (E-Harp). This email, weekly digest, will contain information that parishioners want to communicate with the parish. For example, SEWS could be reminding people about a bake sale that Sunday. The Men’s group might be reminding people about yard maintenance. There could be a memorial that Sunday for a departed loved one. There could be a prayer request. Someone might need a ride to Church, ect.

To see what the weekly digest might look like please click here. Any requests for information being sent via the weekly digest must be submitted to our Church email, saintephriam@gmail.com, by Tuesday of that week. Then the office administrator can put together the weekly digest and send it out to the parish. Most of the information sent in the weekly digest will be copy and paste, in order to save time. Please email the Church with parish communication requests exactly how you would like it to appear in the weekly digest. It is also important to keep communications short and to the point. Finally, if parishioners need to contact you concerning your communication, please leave you contact information so it can be added into the announcement.

Much love to all of you!

Fr. Mark