Food for the Vulnerable & Needy

We have food items available for parishioners who may be in need. I know that we are fasting, but these are unprecedented times. Most of the Lenten food items at the grocery store are in short supply. For our older and more vulnerable parishioners this is particularly a hard time. That being said, this Lent is different than any other Lenten period we have experienced before. Thus, do the best you can to maintain the fast. If you are in need please send an email to Fr. Mark by clicking on the picture below. 

I may ask our ladies (SEWS) to get together and bake bread for our parishioners in need. I purchased an industrial size bag of flour. And I will continue to visit places where we can get supplies in bulk.

Usually during Great Lent we collect food for hungry people throughout the world. This year our food drive may be needed for our own parishioners. And not because they lack resources, but rather the ability to actually get supplies.

Fr. Mark