Wednesday at Church Day/Night

We will serve Divine Liturgy and fellowship breakfast every Wednesday morning at 9:00am. The only time our weekly Wednesday services will change is if we have a major feast that week on a different day, then the feast would take precedent, if we are in Great Lent or if Fr. Mark is out of town.

We have returned to our Catechumen classes on Wednesday nights starting at 6:30pm. These classes will be co-led by our parishioners. The content for these classes will be taken from the Orthodox Christianity five volume set of books written by Met. Hilarion Alfeyev and published by SVS press. If you are interested in helping to teach these classes please get in touch with Fr. Mark or Dan Palmer. We have a curriculum and can share the details with you along with providing you one of the books (Orthodox Christianity by Met. Hilarion) needed for the class you will help teach. Dinner will be provided at these classes as well. We are also hoping to provide child-care, but haven’t figured out those details yet. Our plan is to have our classes start at 6:30pm each Wednesday night.

Thus, Wednesdays will be a good opportunity midweek to reconnect with the Church in worship, study of the Scriptures, mission work/outreach and fellowship.